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Access certificates

Access certificates are the self-enrollment option for users to register in NAVBLUE Academy. With this option, one of our representatives will provide you with an access code and a link, which allows each user to register themselves into the pre-determined courses. 

Note: Customers are not allowed to register into courses that are not contracted by their company.

This option works best for bulk import. We will provide the requestor with a link and access code that can be shared with their team. There will be a maximum number of times the access code can be used. With the access code and link, the user will be able to self-register themselves into a pre-determined course. The benefit of this option is that it is less work in terms of gathering specific information for the users; however, it may not provide reassurance that each user will register themselves into the courses. Whenever an access certificate is created, we recommend that a Team Admin be nominated so they can track their team’s process and ensure enrollment of other team members.

Note: Access codes have an expiry date; typically a year. The representative will advise of the expiry date. The expiry date may be extended.

If you would like to get an access certificate, extend an access certificate, or further information, submit a ticket in the NAVBLUE Academy Support Portal and one of representatives will be happy to help.


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