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I've Logged in to NAVBLUE Academy - No Course(s) Found

There are several reasons why you are unable to see the courses you need to take if you are logged into NAVBLUE Academy:


  • You may be configured as a Team Leader/Team Admin. In which case, you will automatically be logged in to the administrator view, not the learner view. You can switch views from your profile dropdown button, which is shown at the top-right side of your screen.A screenshot of a computer

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  • The course that you are expecting to take could be in the course library. This function is known as the Content Library. All courses that you have not started and already finished will be displayed here. Click the Content Library tab to access your courses.A blue background with white text

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If you still cannot find the course you are looking for, please submit a ticket in the NAVBLUE Academy support portal.


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