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Video is Blurred

Some videos hosted on NAVBLUE Academy are available for offline download and viewing. Others must be streamed. If your video is blurred, then you are probably streaming it to your device.

If you are watching a video on NAVBLUE Academy then we will automatically adjust the resolution of streamed video content based upon your internet speed and the bandwidth you have available to you. This has the following benefits:

  • You can watch video content on NAVBLUE Academy from many different types of devices
  • If you are watching a video and the speed of your connection drops temporarily, then the video will continue to play - albeit at a lower resolution
  • The video sound is also modulated to cope with lower connection speeds

Unfortunately if your internet connection is simply too slow, or the bandwidth available to your device on that connection point is too low, as we decrease the resolution of the video in an attempt to keep it playing, it can become pixelated and have a blurred appearance.

Please see our minimum system specifications for more information.

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