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Changing Your Interface Language


Changing Your Interface Language 

How to change the interface language that NAVBLUE Academy uses (not the content language) 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.

Detailed Explanation 


Please be aware that this process only changes the user interface language for NAVBLUE Academy. Content within the Academy remains in the language in which it was published. The majority of published content is in English.


If you have a specific need for content in a different language, please raise a ticket with us. We will need to know the content that you want translated and the languages that you want content translated into.

 This service normally incurs a charge.  

Interaction 1 Click the Profile dropdown button.

Interaction 2 Click the My Profile & Settings hyperlink.

Interaction 1 Click the Edit my profile button.

Interaction 1 Click the Page Down vertical scroll bar.

Interaction 1 Click the Language dropdown button.

For the purpose of this demonstration, we will change the language into French, but you would normally select the language you desire from this list.

Interaction 2 Click the French (France) list item.

We need to save the change that we have made to our profile.

Interaction 1 Click the Page Down vertical scroll bar.

Interaction 1 Click the Save button.


Notice how the interface language has now changed into French? This includes all the field names and navigation links.   

Interaction 2 Click the Accueil hyperlink.

News items, course names, and course contents remain in English.  


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