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Management of users and teams

As a Team Admin/Leader, you have some enhanced privileges that regular users do not have. This article will advise of some of those responsibilities that you have. 

You are mainly in charge of user and team management within your Team Admin/Leader designated teams. You can:

  • Add users to the teams you oversee.
  • Deactivate users who have left your organization or moved elsewhere.
  • Reactivate old users that were previously deactivated.
  • Send registration emails to existing users who have never logged into NAVBLUE Academy.
  • Send login emails as reminders to users who have previously logged into NAVBLUE Academy.
  • Create a temporary password for all users.
  • Correct a user’s profile information.
  • Assign existing users from one team you oversee to another that you oversee.
  • Schedule and pull reports on specific teams, courses, and modules.

As you can see, there are multiple things a Team Admin/Leader can do. Please submit a ticket in the NAVBLUE Academy portal if: 

  • There are any questions for these functions listed above.
  • You are inquiring about a function that is not listed above.

Below are some best practices to note as a Team Admin/Leader in NAVBLUE Academy:

  • You can add individual users yourself. If you have more than 10 users, it is required to fill out the import sheet and submit it in a ticket to the NAVBLUE Academy team. 
  • Always put the email address as the user’s username.
  • Always enter a user’s email address that is associated with your organization.
  • Frequently go through your list of users in your designated Team Admin/Leader teams to determine if any user(s) can and should be deactivated. Never delete a user.
  • If you have a high number of users, consider scheduling a weekly report to see which of your users have not completed their courses.

Note: To be designated as a Team Leader/Team Administrator, a NAVBLUE Academy representative would need to make changes to your account. A Team Leader/Administrator cannot designate another user as a Team Leader/Administrator. If you think that you should be this role on NAVBLUE Academy, you will need to submit a ticket in the NAVBLUE Academy support portal.

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