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Assigning existing users to a new team


Assigning existing users to a new team 

In this topic, you will learn how a Team Admin/Leader can assign existing users to a new team. 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.


As a Team Admin/Leader, you are able to assign an existing user to a different team that you have Team Admin/Leader privileges for. This feature is particularly useful if you have a user that uses multiple NAVBLUE products. When our NAVBLUE Academy representatives create a team, we assign specific courses and learning paths to that team. With this Team Admin/Leader feature, a user will be enrolled into whatever courses that team has when you assign them to a specific team. 

Detailed Explanation

Interaction 1 Click the You are viewing the team dropdown button.

To start, let's open the dropdown menu to the team you want to assign the user to. 

Interaction 2 Click the 0001 NAVBLUE : NAVBLUE Academy - Flysmart+ Users list item.

Select the team you want to assign the user to.

Note: You cannot assign a user to a team that you do not have Team Admin/Leader privileges to. 

Interaction 1 Click the Teams tab.

Interaction 1 Click the NAVBLUE Academy - Flysmart+ Users hyperlink.

Interaction 1 Click the Assign people to this team button.

Interaction 1 Enter navblue into the Search field.

All users will appear in this list; however, it is only users from teams that you are designated as a Team Admin/Leader.

Interaction 1 Click the NAVBLUE Academy check box.

By typing the user's name or email address, you can narrow down the search to find them. 

Interaction 2 Click the Send email/text notifications to Learners check box.

This check box sends a notification via email to the user that they have been enrolled into new courses. 

Interaction 3 Click the Assign button.


Congratulations! You have successfully used your Team Admin/Leader privileges to enroll an existing user into a different team. The course(s) within that team now appears on the user's profile.

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